Mastering 2.0

    Categories: Vocal Presets

    Price: $50


    Mastering 2.0

    Get your song personally mastered by Gamerro. With 10 years experience with the best hardware and software he will deliver a professional sounding master which is ready for the radio!

    Yo this mastered version sounds soooo much better than the initial mp3! I was almost going to upload it without mastering lol! Thanks bro!
    Young AD
    Used Processing:
    ✔️ Compression
    ✔️ EQ
    ✔️ Dynamic EQ
    ✔️ Maximizer
    ✔️ Limiting
    ✔️ Imager
    ✔️ Exciter
    ✔️ Creative Effects
    The master is delivered within 1 day after purchase.
    You get 3 revisions with this package.
    Enjoy! And let’s make some bangers! 🔥💪

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