The Rap Industry Ready Vocal Presets + Project Template FL Studio

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    The Rap Industry Ready Vocal Preset + Project Template For FL Studio

    The Rap Industry Ready Vocal Chain Preset + Project Template For FL Studio is the perfect solution for the inexperienced independent artist and audio engineer to achieve professional industry quality vocals in the fastest way possible. This package comes with a project template with vocal presets used by a lot of music producers and engineers in the industry and it will make your vocals sound professional with just a couple mouse click.

    No headaches and buying expensive stuff! This package includes everything you need except for the required hardware you need to record: A microphone and an audio interface!

    Just open the project template with the preset channel strips or insert the presets on to your channel strip and directly get the default vocal sound Gamerro has shaped over the years and uses in every project!

    This has really changed my life! Recording vocals has never been easier and my vocals were instantly 10X better quality! Thanks bro!
    Benni Smith
    ✔️ Hook Vocal Preset
    ✔️ Rap Verse Vocal Preset
    Before/After Use of Presets:
    Effects Used In The Presets:
    ✔️ Compression
    ✔️ EQ
    ✔️ De-Essing
    ✔️ Reverb/Delay
    ✔️ Amp
    ✔️ Noise Gating
    ✔️ Limiting
    ✔️ Filtering
    ✔️ Pitch Correction
    ✔️ Creative Effects
    Plugins Used:
    ✅ Fab Filter Plugins
    ✅ FL Studio Stock Plugins
    ✔ A Microphone
    ✔ An Audio Interface
    This product is instantly downloadable after purchase.
    This package contains a link + instruction on how to download and install FL Studio and the Fab Filter plugins. Also included is an instruction video on how to use the project and record your vocals! Everything is done for you! Only thing left to do is plug in your mic and record! 🙏
    Enjoy! And let’s make some bangers! 🔥💪

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