Custom Made Beats

Got the perfect idea for a song in mind but can't find the right music or instrumental for it?
Finding beats that exactly match your wishes is hard! Let us make you a custom made beat!

What You Get

Custom Made Beats In Your Style

We will work closely together and make sure that the beat is of industry standard and matches your expectations.

Custom Made Beat

A exclusive custom made beat based on your wishes and preferences so you get exactly what you want!

Live Versions

Get ready for the stage with live performance versions arranged and mixed for use in live shows.

Exclusive License

The exclusive custom made beat comes with an Exclusive License signed by Gamerro Music.

Mixing & Mastering

Record your vocals and send them back to get them professionally mixed and mastered.

How The Collaboration Works

Step 1. Submit Request

Submit Request and wait to be approved. We do limited amount of custom made beats and I like to choose who we work with because I want to keep the quality of the music as high as possible. You’ll be notified by email within 24 hours.

Step 2. Initial deposit $75

The necessary step to block out people who want to waste our time!

Step 3. Receive First Sample

1 week waiting time. If you don’t like the sample you can issue a refund or request a new sample. You will have unlimited revisions.

Step 4. Down Payment Of 50%

To start the production, a down payment of 50% is required.

Step 5. The Creation Process

Let’s make some music! The beat is finished, you'll do the songwriting/recording and we will be communicating back and forth about the project.

Step 6. Final Payment

A final 50% payment is required once the beat and recordings are finished.

Step 7. Mixing & Mastering

Once the song is done, we can finalize the track with mixing and mastering.

Step 8. Project Done!

We will set up the paperwork for the Exclusive License and transfer all audio files. (Master Recording, Live Tracks, Tracked Out Stems etc.)

Ready for our collaboration?

Choose which option suits you best!


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