Mastering 1.0

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    Price: $25


    Mastering 1.0

    Get your song personally mastered by Gamerro. With 10 years experience with the best hardware and software he will deliver a professional sounding master which is ready for the radio! Mastering 1.0 includes just one master of your song. No vocal retouching or mixing is included.

    Yo this mastered version sounds soooo much better than the initial mp3! I was almost going to upload it without mastering lol! Thanks bro!
    Young AD
    Used Processing:
    ✔️ Compression
    ✔️ EQ
    ✔️ Dynamic EQ
    ✔️ Maximizer
    ✔️ Limiting
    ✔️ Imager
    ✔️ Exciter
    ✔️ Creative Effects
    The master is delivered within 7 days after purchase.
    There are no revisions with this package.
    Enjoy! And let’s make some bangers! 🔥💪

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