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Value: €3.900


Only €17,-

βœ… 100 High Quality Untagged Beats

βœ… MP3 + High Quality WAV

βœ… Commercial Rights Up To 100k Streams/Views

βœ… Keep 100% Of Your Royalties & Publishing!

βœ… FREE BONUS #1:

Artist essential tools

The Independent Artist Essentials: A list of all the essential tools for independent artists!

As an independent artist you'll need to take care of a lot tasks yourself. This guide will give you direction and examples of all the essential tools you need as an independent artist to run your business!

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Getting your song professionally mastered is essential to get the industry quality sound. It makes the difference between a good song and a professional radio ready song!

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1 on 1 Coaching

Get lifetime access to ask me anything about music, marketing and the industry via Instagram DM! Have your own music producer and artist development coach available to you 24/7!

Im here to help you get your music career to the next level!

Value: €97

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Yo whats good! I’m Gamerro, and I’m a Urban DJ and Music Producer! ✌

I’m super stoked to give you access to all the beats I’ve made and start working together on our projects!

But first, let me introduce myself a little bit so you can get to know me before we start workin πŸ™

I’ve been producing for almost 10 years now (damn thats a long time 🀣), and the last couple of years I’ve had quite some successes:

πŸ† I got signed on one of the biggest urban/hiphop record labels in The Netherlands (Yes, we did pop the champagne as you can see in the pictures above πŸΎπŸ™)

πŸ† I’ve gotten to work with some of the biggest rappers of the major record labels

πŸ† I reached millions of people and got millions of streams and views through my music

But it wasn’t always like this…

Just before I had all those successes, I was considering to quit music and going another way in life after the group I was making music with broke up (I was producer/performing artist in a rap group)

But it was at that time in my life that I achieved my first major success in the music industry

The hottest rapper in the Netherlands at that time had made a song on a beat I’ve had send him months earlier

I started taking my career more serious and attended a lot of network events and other events where I could get in touch with artists and music industry people

From that moment on, I decided to go all in on my career as a music producer

Eventually, I got noticed

It was just a couple of months later that I signed the contract and…

EVERYTHING CHANGED when I had all the
connections, tools and resources
of the record label industry AT MY DISPOSAL

Now my career as a music producer was accelerating like never before and I achieved a freaking lot in a short time because I now had access to all the connections, tools and resources of the record label like: Artists, managers, studio’s, knowledge and much more…

Nowadays I’m also working on my own independent brand as a DJ and producer besides the work I do in the industry

I’ve already established myself as a DJ for a lot of urban and latin events in Europe, played at some of the biggest festivals in the county and are planning to release some songs with my own name as a producer

Gamerro Urban Beats DJ Gig

I've made it my mission to help independent artist like you
grow their career by giving you access to some tools & resources
normally only major label artist have access to


I am so GRATEFUL for all the things that I’ve achieved so far and the opportunity’s I got. Now that I’m in the position to afford doing stuff like this, I can give back to the world. So I think it’s only the right thing to do to give YOU the same opportunity’s that were given to me and…

…thats why I present to you: 

The Vault Beat Bundle

With the ”Vault Beat Bundle” I’m giving you access to a lot of beats I held back for industry placements or were used by artists but eventually didn’t got released. 

I’m giving you access to the same beats industry artists have access to for just a fraction of the cost so I can help you get some traction and accelerate your growth as an independent artist! πŸ’―πŸ™

Most of those beats were unreleased before they ended up in this bundle and made available for all independent artists. If you’re an upcoming independent artist this might be a unique opportunity for you to get to work and even release a song every week if you would like to. Did you know thats the strategy Russ used to blow up as an independent artist and managed to get hundreds of millions of streams?

If you’re not sure that this might work out for you or if this is worth your investment then let me ask you a question…

If only 1 of the songs you make and release with this beat bundle would blow up, would it still be worth the €17 investment? 

I think it is, right? But if you’re only doing music as a hobby and not aspire a serious career as an independent artist you might want to let this opportunity slide and keep using free beats from YouTube.


This is the ONLY chance to get all those 100 beats at a more than 99% discount and after this you will need to pay the regular €3.900 for all those beats! 

Either way, I’m super excited to start working with you bro! πŸ™

- Your Music Producer: Gamerro




Get access to my vault with 100 beats that
were unreleased or held back for industry placements!

βœ… Access to 100 beats with full commercial rights up to 100k streams/views!

(€3.900 Value)

βœ… You'll get commercial rights to promote, distribute, perform, and sell your songs on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. and keep 100% of your profits, publishing, and royalties (Up to 1M streams/views)! πŸ’²

βœ… Professional Quality WAV files.

βœ… Industry Quality - The same quality beats I provide for industry artist! πŸ”₯

βœ… A list of all the essential tools for independent artist to grow their career & fanbase

βœ… Option to get ALL my beats for FREE + A FULL YEAR OF NEW FREE BEATS πŸ”₯

βœ… FREE BONUS #1: The Independent Artist Essentials

βœ… FREE BONUS #2: Get Your Song Professionally Mastered For FREE! (€50 value)

βœ… FREE BONUS #3: 1 on 1 Coaching (€97 value)

Total Value: €4.047



ONLY €17,-

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The 1000% Gamerro Guarantee

(probably the best guarantee you can get 😁)

πŸ’― If for any reason you decide these beats aren't for you in the next 14 days, shoot me an email at and I'll send you your money back on the spot.

🚫 There's absolutely no risk for you.

πŸ’ͺ I don't want anything to stand in the way of you jumping on this opportunity today and making some hits so we can both win.

⏱ Time Is Running Out ⏱

⚠️ Heads up tho - I can't keep this offer up for much longer.

A lot of artists have paid the normal price (€3.883) for all the beats, and it's not really fair to them to keep giving away these beats at such a huge discount.

βœ… If this page is still up, then the offer is available for the moment. Check the timer how much time you have left!

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