Which license should you choose?



The Basic license is a Semi-professional license that is typically used by artists who are just starting out and want to start building a fanbase by promoting their music on Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube (non-monetised) 

This license comes with an industry quality MP3 + WAV file but not with tracked out files. 

Distribution on all major platforms is limited and paid performances and radio airplay is not permitted. 



The Premium license is a license for professional artists and is most popular among artists that are releasing their song on platforms like Spotify, iTunes or perform with the song in live (paid) performances.

This license comes with high quality tracked out WAV files which are essential to mix songs professionally. 

This license is not recommended if you want to create a music video with the song for YouTube. 



The Unlimited license is a license for professional artist with no limitations on streams, plays or sales.

This license should purchased by artists that believe their song has the potential to surpass the streaming limits of other licenses. 

This license is also strongly recommended for artists that want to create and monetise a music video for YouTube.